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Cats and Harnesses

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Cats and Harnesses - New England Dog BiscuitCat mom and dads, tired of being jealous of those cutesy dog parents parading their happy pups around town?  Want to safely allow your cat to experience some of our wonderful spring weather?  Whatever your reason, you probably have wondered about whether your cat or kitten would take to being walked on a harness.  Maybe you’ve tried it once and your cat didn’t like or take to it so you shrugged your shoulders and gave up.  Relax, there is hope!

As with dogs, cat behavior can generally be modified with two main ingredients: time (yours and the cats) and treats.  As with dogs, Cats and Harnesses - New England Dog Biscuitthe key is to associate whatever new behavior or experience you want with your cat or kitten (in this case wearing a harness) with something pleasurable, such as a favorite treat.  Dr. Sophia Yin, a noted animal behavior specialist before her passing in 2014, recommended a technique where you work with your cat to become comfortable with the harness by slowly associating the harness with pleasure, such as a bit of food or treat.  Repetition is the key (the time element), but hey, your spending time with your kitty while doing it, and about to enjoy an entirely new experience together!

We carry a great selection of cat harnesses and leashes to help get you and your cat on your way to experiencing a whole new world…outdoors together!  Come in for a fitting and to chat about techniques that work.

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