Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to buy something that you do not normally carry. Will you special order it?

Absolutely, if you want it and we can get it we will be happy to special order it for you. All we ask is that all special orders are paid for at the time of ordering, and you pick up your purchase within 7 business days upon arrival. We will contact you when your product has arrived.

How long do biscuits/cookies last?

Our biscuits and cookies will stay fresh probably much longer than it will take your dog to eat them! We do, however, recommend that they are consumed within one year of production.

Do I need to refrigerate the cookies?

No, our cookies need no refrigeration. Each cookie is made from one of our biscuit recipes, then coated with a low-fat yogurt frosting which dries hard and is yummy for your dog.

Your cookies look good enough to eat. May I?

All of our ingredients are human-grade and all-natural, so technically they are safe for human consumption. We do not, however, recommend consuming them..after all what would be left for your dog to enjoy?

Where are the biscuits/cookies made?

All of our biscuits and cookies are made in our very own “Micro-Barkery” at our store in Salem, Ma.

Can we have our dog’s name put on a Birthday Cake or Bone?

Yes, if you provide us with 7 days notice, we can have your dog’s name put on any Birthday bone or cake. Hope they can read cursive!

Some of your cookies look like they are coated with chocolate. I thought chocolate was not healthy for dogs?

You are right, chocolate is unhealthy for dogs, and we would never have any unhealthy ingredients in our biscuits or cookies. The look of chocolate that you find on some of our cookies is either carob or brown food coloring, both safe for your dog.