Ghost Hanging Cat Scratcher

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Does your kitty love to scratch everything in sight in your home? How can you keep her from ruining your furniture, drapes, and favorite clothes? Cat experts tell us that cats love the texture of tree bark, and that is what our honeycomb scratching surface feels like in this ghost-shaped kitty scratcher and cat bed! The scary look of the white spooky ghost with all his bones showing is a decor accent that you can use in any room, and your cat will love the curved top surface where he can rest and scratch to his heart's content! The scratcher is 15.25" long and is designed for kittens and small cats. It is a great training tool to get a kitten started off on the right foot!


Size: 9"W x 15.25"L x 3"H
Suitable for small cats or kittens only
Earth friendly (recycled paper) materials are used
Perfect for felines that love to scratch and snooze
Unique designed scratcher and bed that complement home decor
Certified organic catnip included
Weight: 1 lbs
Proudly produced in the USA