Kurgo Go Shower Bag - Grass Green

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The Go Shower™ is the perfect solution for when your outing gets messier than you anticipated. This portable dog shower holds 6 liters of water and can attach to nearly anything – from your car’s doorframe to a nearby branch – allowing you to use both hands to clean and not have to maneuver a bulky water bottle. The shower’s outer bag is constructed with tough, ripstop fabric and features extra pockets for storage and webbing loops to attach a towel. When done, simply roll up and store for the next time.

 • Bladder capacity: 6 L / 1.59 gallons
 • Shower lasts a little over 2 minutes with non-stop stream
 • Pull shower head nozzle out to use, push in to stop
 • Unique adjustable strap allows it to be connected to virtually anything.
 • Rolls up for storage
 • Pockets for storing cleaning essentials
 • Webbing loops to attach towel
 • Allows you to use both hands to scrub your dog
 • Bottle opener
 • Bladder can be removed and set in the sun for heating
 • Bladder is PVC and should not be used to provide drinking water for your dog