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100% Organic Paw Cream For Dogs & Cats Heal and protect your pets paws naturally with Organic Paw Cream. Made with soothing organic shea butter, organic coconut oil and organic plant extracts. All season use. Heals Dry, Cracked, or Rough Paws Relieves bacterial, fungal, parasitic paw infections, pododermatitis, and footpad hyperkeratosis. Naturally prevents painful paws Prevents snow & ice clumps Maintains healthy paws Non-Toxic & Lick-Safe Safe for kittens & puppies Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Antiseptic Vegan and Cruelty Free Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter Organic Coconut Oil Organic Babassu Oil Organic Hemp Seed Oil Organic Lavender Organic Peppermint Organic Dandelion Organic Calendula Size: 2.5 oz Scent: mild with light minty and herbal earth notes – 100% organic Use: Apply directly to paws as needed. All season use – indoor / outdoor. Wipe excess paw cream from hair and between toes. Do not apply to wet or damp skin. Distract your pet from licking paws after application – allow the cream to absorb. Dog and cat paws are very porous and the paw cream will absorb quickly once applied.