Shake Organic Pet Eye Cleanser Soothing Rinse

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SOOTHING RINSE Gently Cleans & Hydrates Natural tear stain cleaner Relieves eye infections Natural + Holistic Eye Care 100% Organic Eye Cleanser For Dogs & Cats Organic Soothing Eye Cleanser for dogs and cats gently flushes eyes of dirt and debris. Helps relieve eye infections, tear stains, and dry eye. Our gentle plant based formula is easy to use and helps maintain healthy eyes naturally. Treats Infections & Abrasions Allergy & irritation relief Loosens dirt & debris Gently flushes Soothes Inflammation Maintains clean & healthy eyes 0.9% Saline Solution Safe for kittens & puppies Vegan & Cruelty Free Ingredients: Organic Aloe Organic Chamomile Organic Cucumber Dead Sea Salt Organic Goldenseal Organic Dandelion Size: 2.2 oz Scent: mild herbal & earthy – 100% organic Use: Apply directly to eyes. Shake well before use. Use 2- 3 drops as needed to clean and hydrate eyes. Repeat weekly or as needed. To remove debris or tear stains: Use 1-2 Squirts directly on to soft material and gently wipe clean. Safe for kittens & puppies.