Zodiac Flea & Tick Powder For Dogs & Cat 6oz

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Bug free is the way to be with the Zodiac Flea & Tick Powder for Dogs, Puppies, Cats & Kittens. A dry alternative to topical pest control, this convenient powder comes with a shaker top that makes application easier than ever. Just gently dust over the entire body, and let the powder do its work to control fleas, tick and lice in one fast-acting shot. It’s perfect for multi-pet homes since it’s safe for cats and dogs over 12 weeks of age, and it leaves behind a pleasant citrus scent that leaves everyone breathing a little easier.

Key Benefits
  • Fast-acting powder kills fleas, ticks and lice on contact.
  • Provides long-lasting control and is safe for use on both cats and dogs over 12 weeks.
  • A dry alternative to topical pest control sprays and applicators.
  • Shaker top allows for easy application; just lightly dust over the entire body.
  • Leaves behind a pleasant citrus scent so your pet smells freshly bathed.

Do not use on puppies or kittens under 12 weeks.

Important Information

Fleas rise to the top of your pet's coat as they die, so consider it a triumph if you start seeing more fleas at first, after treating your pet. If you’re still seeing fleas after application, it may be because your pet has picked up new fleas from the environment, which may include other pets, surfaces and outdoor areas. It may take up to 30 days to break the entire flea life cycle. Additionally, you should also treat sources of new fleas (i.e., carpet, yard, etc.) to ensure complete flea control.