Pill Buddy Naturals Grilled Chicken 30ct

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Make pill time a delicious, rewarding and easy experience for your pet with Pill Buddy Naturals!

Pill Buddy Naturals will accommodate almost any size pill or capsule intended for dogs - simply `push, squeeze and feed' and put an end to all those left behind pills. Pill Buddy Naturals makes your dog's medicine irresistible because it's `marinated' in an exclusive blend of natural ingredients called Nature?s Sauce. Nature?s Sauce provides excellent mouth-feel, impact and texture, giving Pill Buddy Naturals a unique surface that makes the treat easy to swallow whole. This prevents the dog from biting into bitter tasting medicine and spitting it out.

Pill Buddy Naturals are conveniently wrapped in pairs to preserve freshness and functionality and to prevent drying and cracking. Giving them plenty of shelf life for those once a month pills.

These delicious treats are corn, wheat and soy free! Plus, after the dog finishes its medication, Pill Buddy Naturals can continue to be fed as a delicious soft and chewy treat for all occasions.